This site is dedicated to the memory of 
"King Leonidas Lander" & "Shyloh Lynn Cooper".


Dogs come into our lives to teach us about Love...
They depart to teach us about Loss.
New dogs can never replace a former one--
they merely expand the heart.
If you have Loved many dogs, 
Your heart is very big           

Life is short! Share your life & Love with a lab...
The silver boy in this picture is one of my Iroquois son's. Here he is on Duck Lake with his new cousins. The pic on the Left is Chase (silver boy) getting his first Pheasant...So proud of him. 

This young man is home on
leave from the Marines... his fiance' & their new baby Bear...They have just begun their new lives together. I thank him for protecting & serving all of us...

This gorgeous boy is from my Sadie & Brave. he was born on November 28, 2011...His new mom & dad take awesome care of their awesome boy...

I will be expecting my first litter of First Generation Labradoodles this summer
This sweetie is going to be the Daddy...



This year I will be donating my dark silver boy...This donation is for the Diabetes Gala held at the MGM Grand in Detroit

      I  am a proud American who wishes to honor all veterans. I have a military discount for all my puppies & dogs. Military Women & Men have risked & given of their lives for our country and I would like to be able to thank them anyway that I can. ...

 awesome couple won with the highest bid at the American Diabetes Association
Gala for a Cure on April 21st,2012 at the MGM Grand in Detroit. My little chocolate girl is now with a fantastic family. I plan on donating other puppies for their future events & for other charities..

This puppy is now living in Alaska with her "Pops" who until recently was stationed in Afganistan serving our country in the Army. Her name is SFC Winchester. She got the Sargeant First Class from her "Pops".

       This is Winnie now,  2/2013....

     This couple served our country in the Marine Corps. They recently purchased a puppy from me in which they named Lady Gunner.

I am a breeder who loves all her babies. My puppies are my grandbabies..By babies I mean all of my doggies and the sweet puppies..I love all my puppies even before they are born and I never stop loving them, even after they go to their new homes.


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